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Aires Mateus - Casa No Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo 2013. The large, 4,300 sf/ft pool has a winding perimeter with a soft plaster edge, reminiscent of the many ponds located on the vast property.  Via, photos (C) Nelson Garrido.


Only in Portland: Street Books, a nonprofit bicycle-powered mobil library for the homeless

A concrete reality anchors Street Books to the real word: Portlanders are readers. The Multnomah County Library has the third-highest circulation among public libraries in the nation… The ranking is all the more impressive for Multnomah’s size, having only a little more than half of King County’s population, and a quarter of New York’s.”

The New York Times


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A History of Mies Van der Rohe’s Corners | John Winter | Socks Studio


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Enric Miralles - La Clota House. Barcelona, Spain. 1996

The two parts of the project are united by a large open space where a bathroom has been located. 

On the exterior, a façade has been constructed, which serves as an element that receives the garden. 

In the interior, the walls have been painted varying shades of white to accompany the entry of light. 

The wood flooring of varying tones and colours also helps the play of light, producing a filtering of light in all directions. In this manner, the flooring supports the different furniture, which is also constructed of varying woods. 

On the first floor of the one house, the kitchen, dining room, and living room have been placed, with the principal stair to one side. 

In the other, the study/library and access to the other house. 

The first floor is divided in half by the bathroom. 

On the top floor, three bedrooms are located to one side, and on the other are the bathroom and the mezzanine which allows access to the high shelving which surrounds the double height space. This mezzanine also leads one the master bedroom. 

The master bedroom may also be accessed from the bottom floor by means of movable stair.


Markhal Rotterdam | MVRDV | Via & Via

Rotterdam’s very own, MVRDV has completed the Netherlands’ first covered market: the Markhal Rotterdam. Unlike any other market in the world, the Markhal presents a new urban hybrid that unites a market hall with housing.

Within the hollow core of the 228-unit, “horseshoe-shaped” residential building is an expansive, 40-meter-tall public market, offering 96 fresh food stalls, 8 restaurants and supermarket. Colorful murals cover the arch’s vaulted interior, peering through the largest single glazed cable net facades in Europe, which enclose the market.

This sense of transparency and openness was key, as the Markhal is the driving force to the rejuvenation of the Laurenskwartier area and hopes to attract thousands of visitors each year.